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SubjectRe: 2.6.19-rc4: known unfixed regressions

On Thu, 2 Nov 2006, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:

> Can we please add the following two to the list of known regressions:

Ok, I think I'll just revert it.

Decoding the PCI IO range is fine - even if a driver has detached, the
kernel knows where the PCI devices are, and won't re-use the range. So
while the patch that triggers the problem seems valid in itself, it's
probably not worth the pain to apply it at this point. So I think I'll
revert it - the rationale for the patch was fairly weak.

Greg, or would you prefer to do the honors?


This one is apparently purely an e1000 driver problem. Can't help you with
that one. Although I find it suspicious that the "e1000_resume()" path
doesn't seem to be calling "e1000_power_up_phy()" before e1000_up().

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