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    SubjectRe: CIFS close with pending writes
    On Wed, 15 Nov 2006 14:29:53 +0100, Christian said:

    I was hitting this under 2.6.19-rc5-mm1 as well:

    > [ 7190.693567] CIFS does not yet support partial page writes on O_WRONLY files

    I get that one even without "heavy stressing" - just doing a CIFS mount of
    a share from our NetApp and trying to copy a file onto it will trigger
    this variant. 'cat /etc/motd >> /mnt/server/my_dir/foo' triggers it.
    (changing the shell redirect to '1<>/mnt/server/my_dir/foo' solves THIS one,
    and creates the second flavor:

    > [ 7190.693600] CIFS VFS: close with pending writes

    Happens every time you close a file after writing anything other than an
    exact multiple of 4K.

    Some quick testing indicates that this works properly under -rc5-mm2 (in fact,
    I didn't report it against -mm1 because when I discovered it the other day, I
    already knew -mm2 was out...)

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