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SubjectRe: [RFCLUE3] flagging kernel interface changes

> I don't want to start an argument about "stable_api_nonsense" or the
> wisdom of out-of-tree drivers. Just curious about the - why - and
> whether it is indifference or antagonism toward drivers outside the
> fold. Or ???


in general the best approach has been to make the driver support the NEW
interface, and then do some compat thing to fake the old one. The other
way around is going to be MUCH more painful long term.
So as general rule: always follow the latest API, and use a compat.h
hack for older kernels inside your driver, but keep the normal code
clean. It's not always easy, but keeping old API and faking it to the
new one is only going to be really really painful; things will deviate
more and more over time and at some point you'll have to jump anyway.

In addition quite a few api changes are done in a way that make this
less painful than the other way around..

however in general really there is pain to be out-of-tree; and to some degree that's an incentive to merge back :)

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