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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ALSA: hda-intel - Disable MSI support by default

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006, David Miller wrote:
> > Yours was still an example of "nice". And it had absolutely nothing
> > to do with the _PROBLEM_.
> Understood.

Btw, before somebody thinks I hate MSI - I'd absolutely _love_ for it to
work, because I think MSI has the potential of getting rid of a lot of irq
routing problems.

And that's more than just a "nice" - we've obviously had issues with
machines not working right because we didn't get the magic PIRQ tables or
ACPI crud right.

So I'd actually be thrilled if we could use MSI more. (And here, "MSI"
should be considered to also include "MSI-X" etc - please, no language

> Given current experience maybe white-lists are in fact the way
> to go.

The thing that worries me is that I can well believe that the Intel NB/SB
combination gets MSI 100% correct, and I'd love to whitelist it.

HOWEVER - that's only true on systems with no other PCI bridges. Even if
you have an Intel NB/SB, what about other bridges in that same system, and
the devices behind them?

Now, I think that a MSI thing should look like a PCI write to a magic
address (I'm really not very up on it, so correct me if I'm wrong), and
thus maybe bridges are bound to get it right, and the only thing we really
need to worry about is the host bridge. Maybe. In that case, it might be
sensible to have a host-bridge white-table, and if we know all Intel
bridges that claim to support MSI do so correctly, then maybe we can just
say "ok, always enable it for Intel host bridges".

But right now I'm not convinced we really know what all goes wrong. Maybe
it's just broken NVidia and AMD bridges. But maybe it's also individual
devices that continue to (for example) raise _both_ the legacy IRQ line
_and_ send an MSI request.

Maybe even Intel host bridges have all the same troubles with that, and
the reason we haven't seen it is that _usually_ an Intel host bridge goes
together with certain Intel MSI-capable chips (ie e1000, Intel HDA etc).
So for all we know, it's not necessarily the Intel host bridge that is the
magic thing to make things work, it could be something that just has a
high _correlation_ with an Intel host bridge.

So call me a nervous nellie.

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