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    SubjectRe: [patch 08/19] i386: cleanup apic code
    > /*
    > * Knob to control our willingness to enable the local APIC.
    > + *
    > + * -1=force-disable, +1=force-enable

    mind doing 2 defines for these? Makes things more readable I suspect

    > - return maxlvt;
    > }

    why not use lapic_is_integrated() here?
    > \
    > + if (cpu_has_tsc)
    > + apic_printk(APIC_VERBOSE, "..... CPU clock speed is "

    please put "approximated at" or something here; or people will call
    supportlines if they bought a 3.4Ghz processor and this shows 3.39999Ghz

    > +EXPORT_SYMBOL(switch_APIC_timer_to_ipi);

    why is this exported at all? Modules really shouldn't be touching apic
    level details....

    this patch is extremely difficult to review because diff has made a mess
    out of it ;(

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