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SubjectRe: [PATCH] HZ: 300Hz support
Alan Cox <> writes:

> Fix two things. Firstly the unit is "Hz" not "HZ". Secondly it is useful
> to have 300Hz support when doing multimedia work. 250 is fine for us in
> Europe but the US frame rate is 30fps (29.99 blah for pedants). 300
> gives us a tick divisible by both 25 and 30, and for interlace work 50
> and 60. It's also giving similar performance to 250Hz.
> I'd argue we should remove 250 and add 300, but that might be excess
> disruption for now.

If we go down that path I would like to have 256.

Why? There are still lots of systems with broken Interrupt 0 routing
and usually on those the RTC works just fine. But unfortunately RTC
can be only programmed to power of two frequencies. 256 would fit.

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