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    SubjectRe: [take22 0/4] kevent: Generic event handling mechanism.
    On 11/1/06, Evgeniy Polyakov <> wrote:
    > On Wed, Nov 01, 2006 at 06:20:43PM +0000, Oleg Verych ( wrote:
    > >
    > > Hallo, Evgeniy Polyakov.
    > Hello, Oleg.
    > > On 2006-11-01, you wrote:
    > > []
    > > >> Quantifying "how much more scalable" would be nice, as would be some
    > > >> example where it is useful. ("It makes my webserver twice as fast on
    > > >> monster 64-cpu box").
    > > >
    > > > Trivial kevent web-server can handle 3960+ req/sec on Xeon 2.4Ghz with
    > > [...]
    > >
    > > Seriously. I'm seeing that patches also. New, shiny, always ready "for
    > > inclusion". But considering kernel (linux in this case) as not thing
    > > for itself, i want to ask following question.
    > >
    > > Where's real-life application to do configure && make && make install?
    > Your real life or mine as developer?
    > I fortunately do not know anything about your real life, but my real life
    > applications can be found on project's homepage.
    > There is a link to archive there, where you can find plenty of sources.
    > You likely do not know, but it is a bit risky business to patch all
    > existing applications to show that approach is correct, if
    > implementation is not completed.
    > You likely do not know, but after I first time announced kevents in
    > February I changed interfaces 4 times - and it is just interfaces, not
    > including numerous features added/removed by developer's requests.
    > > There were some comments about laking much of such programs, answers were
    > > "was in prev. e-mail", "need to update them", something like that.
    > > "Trivial web server" sources url, mentioned in benchmark isn't pointed
    > > in patch advertisement. If it was, should i actually try that new
    > > *trivial* wheel?
    > Answer is trivial - there is archive where one can find a source code
    > (filenames are posted regulary). Should I create a rpm? For what glibc
    > version?
    > > Saying that, i want to give you some short examples, i know.
    > > *Linux kernel <-> userspace*:
    > > o Alexey Kuznetsov networking <-> (excellent) iproute set of utilities;
    > iproute documentation was way too bad when Alexey presented it first
    > time :)
    > > o Maxim Krasnyansky tun net driver <-> vtun daemon application;
    > >
    > > *Glibc with mister Drepper* has huge set of tests, please search for
    > > `tst*' files in the sources.
    > Btw, show me splice() 'shiny' application? Does lighttpd use it?
    > Or move_pages().
    > > To make a little hint to you, Evgeniy, why don't you find a little
    > > animal in the open source zoo to implement little interface to
    > > proposed kernel subsystem and then show it to The Big Jury (not me),
    > > we have here? And i can not see, how you've managed to implement
    > > something like that having almost nothing on the test basket.
    > > Very *suspicious* ch.
    > There are always people who do not like something, what can I do with
    > it? I present the code, we discuss it, I ask for inclusion (since it is
    > the only way to get feedback), something requires changes, it is changed
    > and so on - it is development process.
    > I created 'little animal in the open source zoo' by myself to show how
    > simple kevents are.
    > > One, that comes in mind is lighthttpd <>.
    > > It had sub-interface for event systems like select,poll,epoll, when i
    > > checked its sources last time. And it is mature, btw.
    > As I already told several times, I changed only interfaces 4 times
    > already, since no one seems to know what we really want and how
    > interface should look like.

    Indesiciveness has certainly been an issue here, but I remember akpm
    and Ulrich both giving concrete suggestions. I was particularly
    interested in Andrew's request to explain and justify the differences
    between kevent and BSD's kqueue interface. Was there a discussion
    that I missed? I am very interested to see your work on this
    mechanism merged, because you've clearly emphasized performance and
    shown impressive results. But it seems like we lose out on a lot by
    throwing out all the applications that already use kqueue.

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