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SubjectRe: Remove hotplug cpu crap from cpufreq.

On Wed, 1 Nov 2006, Dave Jones wrote:
> I've had it with this stuff. For months, we've had various warnings
> popping up from this code (which was clearly half-baked at best when it
> went in).
> Until someone steps up who actually gives a damn about fixing it, can
> we just rip this crap out so I stop getting mails from users who couldn't
> care less about CPU hotplug anyway?

Hmm. People _have_ given a damn, and I think you were even cc'd.

Did you take a look at the 5-patch (or was it 6?) series by Gautham R
Shenoy <>? I'm cc'ing him, in case you weren't on the
original list, and he should talk to you ;)

Right now, for 2.6.19, I'd prefer to not touch that mess unless there are
known conditions that actually cause more problems than just stupid

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