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    SubjectRe: [Devel] Re: [PATCH 2.6.19-rc3] VFS: per-sb dentry lru list
    Hello Neil,

    Neil Brown wrote:
    > On Tuesday October 31, wrote:
    >> Neil Brown <> wrote:
    >>> When we unmount a filesystem we need to release all dentries.
    >>> We currently
    >>> - move a collection of dentries to the end of the dentry_unused list
    >>> - call prune_dcache to prune that number of dentries.
    >> This is not true anymore.
    > True. That should read:
    > When we remount a filesystem or invalidate a block device which has a
    > mounted filesystem we call shrink dcache_sb which currently:
    > - moves a collection of dentries to the end of the dentry_unused list
    > - calls prune_dcache to prune that number of dentries.
    > but the patch is still valid.
    > Any objections to it going in to -mm and maybe .20 ??

    Currently we have 3 type of functions that works with dentry_unused list:

    1) prune_dcache(NULL) -- called from shrink_dcache_memory, frees the memory and
    requires global LRU. works well in current implementation.
    2) prune_dcache(sb) -- called from shrink_dcache_parent(), frees subtree, LRU
    is not need here. Current implementation uses global LRU for these purposes, it
    is ineffective, and patch from Neil Brown fixes this issue.
    3) shrink_dcache_sb() -- called when we need to free the unused dentries for
    given super block. Current implementation is not effective too, and per-sb LRU
    would be the best solution here. On the other hand patch from Neil Brown is much
    better than current implementation.

    In general I think that we should approve Neil Brown's patch. We (I and Kirill
    Korotaev) are ready to acknowledge it when the following remarks fill be fixed:

    - it seems for me list_splice() is not required inside prune_dcache(),
    - DCACHE_REFERENCED dentries should not be removed from private list to
    dentry_unused list, this flag should be ignored if the private list is used,
    - count argument should be ignored in this case too, we want to free all the
    dentries in private list,
    - when we shrink the whole super block we should free per-sb anonymous dentries
    too (please see Kirill Korotaev's letter)

    Then I'm going to prepare new patch that will enhance the shrink_dcache_sb()
    - we can add new list head into struct superblock and use it in
    shrink_dcache_sb() instead of temporal private list. We will check is it empty
    in dput() and add the new unused dentries to per-sb list instead of
    dentry_unused list.

    thank you,
    Vasily Averin

    SWsoft Virtuozzo/OpenVZ Linux kernel team
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