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    Subject/sys/.../power/state Re: [linux-usb-devel] error to be returned while suspended

    > > > The power management functions without
    > > > timeout are also exported. For other power control features like
    > > > cpu frequency considerable effort has been made to export them to
    > > > user space.
    > >
    > > Yes, and many of us use the much lighter weight kernel based control
    > > models by preference.   Why waste hundreds of Kbytes of userspace for
    > > a daemon when a few hundred bytes of kernel code can implement a
    > > better and more reactive kernel policy for cpufreq?
    > That's an important aspect. How about implementing autosuspend
    > first and keeping the sysfs-based suspension for now? If autosuspend

    Current sysfs-based suspension allows people to do bad stuff to
    drivers, like confusing them, oopsing them, etc. It is so broken that
    it can not be fixed. (When I suspend my USB this way, I end up with
    dead USB. When I suspend my sound card, I get any soundcard users in
    unrecoverable D state.)

    Now... you can prove me wrong, but that likely means auditing all the
    drivers with suspend() and/or resume() methods. I'm not prepared to do
    that work... are you?
    (cesky, pictures)
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