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    Subjectx60 backlight Re: [discuss] 2.6.19-rc1: known regressions (v2)

    On Sat 07-10-06 23:46:21, Adrian Bunk wrote:
    > This email lists some known regressions in 2.6.19-rc1 compared to 2.6.18
    > that are not yet fixed Linus' tree.
    > If you find your name in the Cc header, you are either submitter of one
    > of the bugs, maintainer of an affectected subsystem or driver, a patch
    > of you was declared guilty for a breakage or I'm considering you in any
    > other way possibly involved with one or more of these issues.
    > Due to the huge amount of recipients, please trim the Cc when answering.
    > Subject : T60 stops triggering any ACPI events
    > References :
    > Submitter : "Michael S. Tsirkin" <>
    > Status : unknown
    > Subject : thinkpad x60: brightness no longer adjustable in 2.6.18-git
    > References :
    > Submitter : Pavel Machek <>
    > Status : unknown, related to the issue above?

    Strange, problem went away after reboot. I guess I'll write it off as
    an acpi glitch... there's definitely something strange going on with
    backlight around s2ram: during normal operation, backlight changes are
    fast. After s2ram, backlight change from keyboard takes 300msec or so.

    Thanks for all the (sleeping) penguins.
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