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    SubjectRe: ocfs2 problem with nfs v2
    Henrik Carlqvist <> wrote:
    > Using NFS v3 in Slackware 9.1 the server works fine, but with NFS v2 I
    > was able to repeat the bug.
    > This is what it looks like on the NFS client:

    > # mount -o nfsvers=2 ekorrapa:/san/old /mnt/hd/

    > # ls -al /mnt/hd/
    > ls:/mnt/hd/lost+found: Input/output error
    > ls: /mnt/hd/1: Input/output error
    > ls: /mnt/hd/2: Input/output error

    > However, on the NFS server things look exactly the same as before:
    > Sep 14 10:53:23 kattapa kernel: (5380,0):ocfs2_encode_fh:155 ERROR: fh
    > buffer is too small for encoding

    This message is posted only to make this thread useful by others which
    encounter the same problem. The problem got into bugzilla at but unfortunately
    because of limitations in NFS v2 it would be very hard to make ocfs2 to
    work with the default settings of an NFS v2 server.

    One solution to the problem is to export with the no_subtree_check
    option. This solution has some mild security implications so reading
    and understanding the manpage of exportfs should be done before trying
    this. With the no_subtree_check option NFS v2 clients are able to use
    mounts directly from the NFS server with ocfs2.

    Another workaround is to configure an "NFS proxy" which does NFS v3 mounts
    from the server with ocfs2 and then reexports those mounts with NFS v2. To
    be able to reexport an NFS mounted directory a user space NFS server is
    needed. I have tried the old and obsolete server from which was able to do NFS v2 reexports
    of NFS v3 mounted directories from the NFS v3 server with ocfs2.

    regards Henrik
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