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SubjectRe: [patch 00/22] high resolution timers / dynamic ticks - V3

* Andrew Morton <> wrote:

> With CONFIG_HIGH_RES_TIMERS=y, CONFIG_NO_HZ=n it's pretty sick. It
> pauses for several seconds after "input: AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint as
> /class/input/input2" (printk-time claims 2 seconds, but it was longer
> than that).
> It's been stuck for a minute or more at the 12.980000 time, seems to
> have hung. The cursor is flashing extremely slowly.

ah, that's still the VAIO, right? Do you get a 'slow' LOC count on
/proc/interrupts even on a stock kernel? If yes then that's a
fundamentally sick local APIC timer interrupt. Stock kernel should show
sickness too, if for example you boot an SMP kernel on it - can you
confirm that? (the UP-IOAPIC only relies for profiling on the lapic
timer, so there the only sickness you should see on the stock kernel is
a non-working readprofile)

We'll figure out a way to detect this hardware sickness (which is
unrelated to our patchset), for now your workaround is either to turn
off local-apic-timer support (either in the config or on the kernel
bootline, in which case the high-res code will fall back to the PIT), or
to turn off high-res timers (either in the config or on the kernel

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