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    SubjectRe: [patch] remove MNT_NOEXEC check for PROT_EXEC mmaps

    Jakub Jelinek wrote:
    > Even assuming would be hacked up so that it parses /proc/mounts
    > to see if you are trying to run an executable via from
    > noexec mount (which isn't going to happen),
    No, the solution I wanted to evaluate, is "chmod 'go-x'".
    For that to work, something like this is needed:
    Then you can't invoke directly and if you happen to
    have "noexec" on all the writeable mounts, then you can't
    also use your own

    > if mmap with PROT_EXEC
    > is allowed on noexec mounts, you can always put there a shared
    > library instead of a binary and put some interesting stuff in its
    > constructors and then just LD_PRELOAD=/dev/shm/ /bin/true
    Of course if would check /proc/mounts, then it will
    do so also for the shared libs, so LD_PRELOAD won't trick it.
    I understand that parsing /proc/mounts is silly (I have
    admitted that earlier in that thread already), but why not to
    at least check the access(X_OK)? _must_ check access(X_OK)
    before executing - why not yet?
    Oh wait, access(X_OK) doesn't seem to work...
    The attached patch is needed to get it working.
    Does the patch look good? I think it was just a bug.

    > Really, if noexec is supposed to make any sense at all, it needs
    > to prevent PROT_EXEC mapping/mprotect, otherwise it is completely
    > useless.
    Why not having an exec perm on a file doesn't prevent PROT_EXEC then?

    In any case, guys, can the attached patch be applied?
    Arjan, it enforces "noexec", just as you wanted to see. :)
    Please say "no" now, not when I mail it to Andrew, if possible.

    --- a/fs/namei.c 2006-08-29 14:15:47.000000000 +0400
    +++ b/fs/namei.c 2006-10-04 11:28:52.000000000 +0400
    @@ -249,9 +249,11 @@

    * MAY_EXEC on regular files requires special handling: We override
    - * filesystem execute permissions if the mode bits aren't set.
    + * filesystem execute permissions if the mode bits aren't set or
    + * the fs is mounted with the "noexec" flag.
    - if ((mask & MAY_EXEC) && S_ISREG(mode) && !(mode & S_IXUGO))
    + if ((mask & MAY_EXEC) && S_ISREG(mode) && (!(mode & S_IXUGO) ||
    + (nd && nd->mnt && (nd->mnt->mnt_flags & MNT_NOEXEC))))
    return -EACCES;

    /* Ordinary permission routines do not understand MAY_APPEND. */
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