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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] 0/3: Fix EH problems in libsas and implement more error handling
    --- "Darrick J. Wong" <> wrote:
    > Muli Ben-Yehuda wrote:
    > > I'm still seeing this on my x366 with the V17 sequencer firmware (with
    > > the old Razor sequencer it happens as well, but rarely).
    > >
    > > aic94xx: escb_tasklet_complete: REQ_TASK_ABORT, reason=0x6
    > > aic94xx: tmf tasklet complete
    > > aic94xx: tmf resp tasklet
    > > aic94xx: tmf came back
    > > aic94xx: task not done, clearing nexus
    > > aic94xx: asd_clear_nexus_tag: PRE
    > > aic94xx: asd_clear_nexus_tag: POST
    > > aic94xx: asd_clear_nexus_tag: clear nexus posted, waiting...
    > > aic94xx: task 0xffff81015ee59580 done with opcode 0x23 resp 0x0 stat 0x8d but aborted by upper
    > layer!
    > > aic94xx: asd_clear_nexus_tasklet_complete: here
    > > aic94xx: asd_clear_nexus_tasklet_complete: opcode: 0x0
    > > aic94xx: came back from clear nexus
    > > aic94xx: task 0xffff81015ee59580 aborted, res: 0x0
    > > sas: command 0xffff8100e2afcb00, task 0xffff81015ee59580, aborted by initiator: EH_NOT_HANDLED
    > > sas: Enter sas_scsi_recover_host
    > > sas: going over list...
    > > sas: trying to find task 0xffff81015ee59580
    > > sas: sas_scsi_find_task: task 0xffff81015ee59580 already aborted
    > > sas: sas_scsi_recover_host: task 0xffff81015ee59580 is aborted
    > > sas: --- Exit sas_scsi_recover_host
    > Yes, the patch doesn't eliminate these errors; it merely does something
    > more intelligent with the error code than "Sit around and wait for
    > everything to time out"... despite the scary error messages, it looks

    The code as was submitted last year to this list did _NOT_ "sit around
    and wait for everything to time out".

    It is unfortunate (but clever tactic by bottomley) that the code was
    NOT pulled from my git trees into scsi-misc and then "worked on", but
    was instead "worked on" in private and then committed to scsi-misc.
    So the code has no git history/revision history before it was "edited by"
    by bottomley, as we'd seen with the SAS event processing.

    BTW, I do have git trees of the code and an uninterruptible git
    history of the code from the very beginning.

    I.e. uninterruptible continued git history after initial
    posting date of 09/09/2005,
    The git trees were then hosted by .

    > like it's doing the right thing. However, it'd be useful to have
    > timestamps on the printks to know for sure.
    > > aic94xx: escb_tasklet_complete: REQ_TASK_ABORT, reason=0x5
    > Break recv'd... that's a new one.
    > > sas: DOING DISCOVERY on port 0, pid:1105
    > > scsi 0:0:0:0: Direct-Access IBM-ESXS ST936701SS F B512 PQ: 0 ANSI: 4
    > Hrm, you might want to update your disks to the latest firmware levels
    > (B51C)... be wary that the firmware updates occasionally nuke everything
    > on the drive. :(
    > --D
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