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    SubjectRe: r8169 mac address change (was Re: [0/3] 2.6.19-rc2: known regressions)
    Guennadi Liakhovetski <> :
    > doesn't get printed. If I uncomment __rtl8169_set_mac_addr it stops
    > working again. What does it tell us about the original set_mac_address
    > problem?

    Probably that it is issued too early/bluntly. I'll redo it later.

    > The kernel is not 2.6.19-rc3 either. It is a clone of the powerpc git some
    > time shortly after 2.6.19-rc2.

    You miss 73f5e28b336772c4b08ee82e5bf28ab872898ee1 and
    733b736c91dd2c556f35dffdcf77e667cf10cefc. It should not matter.

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