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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.19-rc1 full] drivers: add LCD support
Miguel Ojeda wrote:
> Sorry, I meant: You can't mmap a RAM address using functions like the
> usual remap_pfn_range (as such functions doesn't like physical RAM
> addresses, they want I/O ports for example, like 0x378). So, you can't
> use smem_start. You need to code your own mmap & nopage function. (It
> is explained in LDD3 very well).

well I must admit that I don't understand why... I suppose you refered
to that section in ldd3:

An interesting limitation of remap_pfn_range is that it gives
access only to reserved pages and physical addresses above the
top of physical memory.

I take a quick look at the implementation of remap_pfn_range() and
there's no such limitation I can see (fortunately).

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