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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.19-rc3] VFS: per-sb dentry lru list
> Quick search maybe, but your patch adds 2 pointers to each dentry in the 
> system... That's pretty expensive, as dentries are already using a *lot* of
> ram.
I don't see much problems with it... it is cache and it can be pruned if needed.
Some time ago, for example, my patch introducing the same list for inodes
was commited.

> Maybe an alternative would be to not have anymore a global dentry_unused, but
> only per-sb unused dentries lists ?
I don't know global LRU implementation based on per-sb lists, do you?
If someone suggest the algorithm for more or less fair global LRU
based on non-global list we will implement it. However, so far,
AFAICS there were problems with it.

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