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SubjectRe: wpa supplicant/ipw3945, ESSID last char missing

Has someone documented somewhere what all of the constraints
are? I have gathered from various messages that part of the problem
is that different drivers and different userspace tools have a
different idea of what the structures are and what various size fields
mean, and that trying to coordinate changes between the kernel,
multiple userspace tools, and some very popular out-of-tree drivers
(some of which have been kept out of the kernel for issues that I
don't agree with, but which the GPL purists go balistic over), that
you feel that the problem is over-constrained.

Is there a document or an e-mail message that in one place
describes what the current situation is, why it sucks, what the
changes are, and what eggs are getting broken and why it's better than
where we are today?

Thanks, regards,

- Ted
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