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    SubjectRe: [2.6.19-rc2-mm2] oops removing sd card
    Alex Dubov wrote:
    > I know that this is unfortunate, but I, currently, don't have an ability to put 2.6.19 kernel on a
    > machine with ti controller. I have not seen this problem on 2.6.18, so I'm out of ideas.

    So put together some patches that will help you figure out the problem
    via Fabio. Tracking an oops isn't usually that difficult (it's usually
    some bogus pointer somewhere). Just sprinkle BUG_ON():s and printk:s all
    over the place until you can pinpoint the offending pointer.

    -- Pierre Ossman

    Linux kernel, MMC maintainer
    PulseAudio, core developer
    rdesktop, core developer
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