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SubjectRe: [Q] missing unused dentry in prune_dcache()?
David Howells wrote:
> Vasily Averin <> wrote:
>> Therefore I've removed break of cycle and insert this dentry to head of the
>> list. Theoretically it can lead to the second using of the same dentry,
>> however I do not think that it is a big problem.
> Hmmm... Or maybe it could be a problem. If whenever we find the dentry we
> stick it back on the head of the list, this could be a problem as we're
> traversing the list from tail to head.

I still do not think that it could be a problem:
count argument of prune_dcache is 128 if prune_dcache is called from
shrink_dcache_memory() function and even lesser if prune_dcache is called from
shrink_dcache_parent() function. I think usually the size of unused_dentry list
(nr_usnused) is much greater and may be compared with these values only in case
of very hard memory shortage. From my point of view it is very rare situation
and I even not sure that it can really happen at all.

However even if this situation will happen I do not see here any seriously
troubles: Yes, we will try to free the same dentries, much probably without
success again, but why it is bad in case of hard memory shortage?

If my arguments are not convincing, I can protect second use of the same dentry:
we can compare counter of the skipped dentries with nr_unused value.

And what the alternatives we have?
1) We can move this dentry to end of list? But it is bad because it will prevent
2) we can move these dentries into some temporal list, and insert it back to
unused_list later? But it is bad because of we can be rescheduled and drop
dcache_lock and may confuse someone who will assume that these dentries are in

Therefore I believe that my patch is optimal solution.

Thank you,
Vasily Averin
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