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    Subjectremoving drivers and ISA support? [Was: Char: correct pci_get_device changes]
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > Ar Sul, 2006-10-15 am 01:36 +0200, ysgrifennodd Jiri Slaby:
    > > It affects moxa and rio char drivers. (All this stuff deserves to be
    > > converted to pci_probing, though.)
    > Agreed, or dropped

    Alan, do you consider some (char) driver to be removed now?

    And what about (E)ISA support. When converting to pci probing, should be ISA bus
    support preserved (how much is ISA used in present)? -- it makes code ugly and long.

    -- Jiri Slaby
    faculty of informatics, masaryk university, brno, cz
    e-mail: jirislaby gmail com, gpg pubkey fingerprint:
    B674 9967 0407 CE62 ACC8 22A0 32CC 55C3 39D4 7A7E

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