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    SubjectRe: Frustrated with Linux, Asus, and nVidia, and AMD

    Andi Kleen wrote:
    > Marc Perkel <> writes:
    >> Ok - I had a bad day today struggling with hardware. Having said that
    >> I'm somewhat frustrated with the lack of progress of Linux getting it
    >> right with Asus, nVidia, and AMD processors right.
    >> I still have to run pci=nommconf to keep the server from locking
    >> up. That's with both 939 pin and AM2 motherboards.
    >> This bug remains unresolved:
    >> So what's up with the no progress?
    > The bug report only references ancient kernels (2.6.15, 2.6.17) How do you know there is no
    > progress?
    > -Andi
    As of the 2.6.18 released kernel I still had to modify the source code
    to keep the kernel from locking up on boot. I haven't tried it with
    2.6.19rcx yet.

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