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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.19-rc1 full] drivers: add LCD support

[ note I'm not familiar with lcds...just try to understand what you've
done ]

Miguel Ojeda wrote:
> The driver is waiting in the -mm tree (-mm2 right now) for being
> included in the mainline kernel sometime in the future. If it is
> included, I will maintain it as I coded it as it apears in the
> MAINTAINERS file. Why are you so worried about it if I can ask? Do you
> want some more features or something like that?
> I missed the other two questions you wrote few days ago. About the
> second one, that was discussed a lot in the past and the people

yeah I found the thread and indeed it has been discussed very deeply ;)

> decided that (it wasn't my idea). About the first one, well, my ks0108
> code is the one for the wiring of an auxiliary LCD, so if you read the
> discussion you will find the people wanted to split video things and
> other auxiliary displays, so I think it is better to split it.
> (Anyway, I'm answering quickly, I haven't checked the code you talk
> about, but I will anyway).

What I was worry about is that you actually wrote a frame buffer
driver, which are normally located in drivers/video, and put it in a
new directory drivers/auxdisplay. So now we have two places for frame
buffer drivers. It looks like, now some frame buffer drivers in
drivers/video should be moved in drivers/auxdisplay, shouldn't it ?

Maybe just a stupid idea but why not restructuring the thing like:

|-- display
| |-- video
| |-- aux
| |-- fbmem.c
| |-- ...

Another point: does the ks0108 controller is only used with the 'cfag'
display ? If not, suppose I'm using the same controller with another
lcd different from 'cfga'...Am I supposed to reuse your code in
cfag12864b.c ?

BTW, did you try to mmap your fbdev ? Does it work ?

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