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SubjectRe: 3Ware delayed device mounting errors with newer 9500 series adapters
On Sat, 21 Oct 2006 11:03:10 -0600
"Jeffrey V. Merkey" <> wrote:

> Adam,
> We have been getting 3Ware 9500 series adapters in the past 60 days
> which exhibit a delayed behavior during mounting of FS from
> /etc/fstab. The adapters older than this do not exhibit this behavior.
> During bootup, if the driver is compiled as a module rather than in
> kernel, mount points such as /var in fstab fail to detect the devices
> until the system fully boots, at which point the /dev/sdb etc. devices
> showup. It happens on both ATA cabled drives and drives
> cabled with multi-lane controller backplanes.
> The problem is easy to reproduce. Install ES4, point the /var directory
> during install to one of the array devices in disk druid, and after
> the install completes, /var/ will not mount during bootup and all sorts
> of errors stream off the screen. I can reproduce the problem
> with several systems in our labs and upon investigating the adapter
> revisions, I find that adapters ordered in the past 60 days exhibit
> the problem. Compiling the driver in kernel gets around the problem,
> indicating its timing related.

cc's added.
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