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SubjectRe: dealing with excessive includes
Matthew Wilcox wrote:

> Let me try to explain the problem again, because what you wrote has
> nothing to do with the problem.
> canonicalize_irq() is defined in <asm/irq.h>. No .c file should be
> including <asm/irq.h> in order to get it. It should be including
> <linux/interrupt.h>, which will indirectly pull in <asm/irq.h>
> add_wait_queue() is defined in <linux/wait.h>. .c files wishing to use
> add_wait_queue() should be including <linux/wait.h> rather than relying
> on it being pulled in through some other path.
> This needs annotations to fix, or a big bag of unreliable heuristics.

Does fixing it really fix anything? I agree that cleaning it all up would
be great. But the aim should be to make less work for developers, rather
than more.

If you have an

#error ...

That almost explicitly tells you which is the correct file to include to
get all definitions from this file. Wouldn't that help?

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