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    Subjecttime warp on 2.6.18-rt6 (2nd try)
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    I sent this yesterday morning and haven't seen it show up. I wonder if
    my attached configs/logs were too large? Now referenced as URLs...

    I'm still seeing the time warp ("It's just a jump to the left!" :))*
    being triggered on both my Athlon64x2 (32-bit kernel) and my Athlon64 up
    box (64-bit kernel). A boot log that shows the failure and the config
    files for both systems can be found at:

    To trigger this, I was running pi_stress test from:

    I was running it like this:

    $ sudo pi_stress --verbose

    Note: Be aware that I still haven't got pi_stress to stop reliably.
    It will catch SIGINT sometimes and sometimes it just blithely ignores it
    and sails on. Since in the default run there are ten groups of three
    threads all running SCHED_FIFO and performing a priority inversion
    scenario, this will mean a uniprocessor box will be almost unusable for
    other tasks. On my SMP box I can ssh into the box and kill the test with
    "kill <pid>".

    Let me know if you need me to reconfigure and try something else.


    * lame "Rocky Horror Picture Show" reference

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