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SubjectRe: [CFT] Grep to find users of sys_sysctl.
Jakub Jelinek <> writes:

> This assumes the binaries and/or libraries are not stripped, and they
> usually are stripped. So, it is better to run something like:
> find / -type f -perm /111 | while read f; do readelf -Ws $f 2>/dev/null | fgrep
> -q sysctl@GLIBC && echo $f; done

Russell King <> writes:
> glibc on ARM _requires_ sys_sysctl for userspace ioperm, inb, outb etc
> emulation.

It looks like we have a small but interesting set of sysctl users.

The list of files below is a composite from a number of systems I have
access to, and the reply I have gotten so far. I'm still hoping to hear
from other people so I can add some other users of sysctl to my list.

I'm still investigating to see how all of these pieces are using
sysctl, and how much they care:
- radvd seems to be an upstanding user.
- libsensors seems to be using sysctls so we have no responsibility to
maintain the ABI there.
- libpthread uses sysctl but it doesn't much care.
- module_upgrade seems to be setting the printk verbosity?

The nvidia-installer sounds like a scary piece of code.

I'm puzzled why the majority of the users seem to be concentrated
in system configuration software and installers.


Compiling the results I have so far (Some of these are from older distros):




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