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SubjectRE: Panic from mptspi_dv_renegotiate_work in 2.6.18-mm2
On Monday, October 02, 2006 2:40 PM, Andrew Morton wrote: 

> Yeah, Bryce@osdl is hitting this. Apparently it can be worked around
> by compiling the driver as a module.

What I saw in Bryces trace was the driver was not receiving interrupts
the first command sent after interrutps were enabled. This was a config
for spi port pages. Since this command timed out, an internal timeout
handler was called,
and we issued an internal host reset. The host reset called each
such as mptspi, mptfc, mptsas, callback handers. That ended with
as pacin in mptspi, due to we assume ioc->hd to be a valid pointer.
We don't allocate ioc->hd to well after mpt_attach, which is where the
page that timed out. We could prevent the panic in mptspi, but that
doesn't fix the problem why we are not getting interrupts.

I have a 2.6.18 gold kernel, and that works fine with modules.
There are no changes in mpt stack since 2.6.18 that would effect
Do you know of any changes in kernel effecting interrupts? I suspect
modules versus linked drivers into kernel would matter, or would it?

I've been busy with SAS issues today, and not had time to replicat this.

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