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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] KVM: Kernel-based Virtual Machine
    Muli Ben-Yehuda wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Looks pretty interesting! some comments:
    > - patch 4/7 hasn't made it to the list?

    Probably too big. It's also the ugliest. I'll split it and resend (not
    through thunderbird though... ate all my tabs!).

    > - it would be useful for reviewing this if you could post example code
    > making use of the /dev/kvm interfaces - they seem fairly complex.

    Working code is fairly hairy, since it's emulating a PC. That'll be on
    sourceforge once they approve my new project.

    In general one does

    ioctl(KVM_SET_MEMORY_REGION) for main memory
    ioctl(KVM_SET_MEMORY_REGION) for the framebuffer
    ioctl(KVM_CREATE_VCPU) for the obvious reason
    if (debugger)
    ioctl(KVM_DEBUG_GUEST) to singlestep or breakpoint the guest
    while (1) {
    switch (exit reason) {
    handle mmio, I/O etc. might call
    ioctl(KVM_INTERRUPT) to queue an external interrupt
    ioctl(KVM_{GET,SET}_{REGS,SREGS}) to query/modify registers
    ioctl(KVM_GET_DIRTY_LOG) to see which guest memory pages
    have changed

    I have some simple test code, I'll clean it up and post it.

    > - why do it this way rather than through a virtual machine monitor
    > such as Xen? what do you gain from having the virtual machines
    > encapsulated as Linux processes?

    - architectural simplicity: instead of splitting memory management and
    scheduling between Xen and domain 0, use just the Linux memory
    management and scheduler
    - use standard tools (top(1), kill(1)) and security model (permissions
    on /dev/kvm)
    - much smaller codebase (although paravirtualization is not included (yet))
    - no changes to core code
    - easy to upgrade an existing system
    - easier for drive-by virtualization (modprobe kvm; do-your-stuff;
    ctrl-C; rmmod kvm)
    - longer term, better performance since there's no need to switch to
    domain 0 for I/O (instead just switch to user mode of the VM's process)

    Do not meddle in the internals of kernels, for they are subtle and quick to panic.

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