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Subjectpci_fixup_video change blows up on sparc64

This change in 2.6.19-GIT:

commit b5e4efe7e061ff52ac97b9fa45acca529d8daeea
Author: <>
Date: Thu Sep 28 13:55:47 2006 +0900

PCI: Turn pci_fixup_video into generic for embedded VGA

breaks sparc64 with ATI Radeon and ATY128 cards.

The problem is that there is no system rom at 0xc0000 on sparc64, and
therefore nothing copies the VGA bios of the graphics card there on
bootup. Therefore all of this code is bogus and will just result in
bus errors when the Radeon or ATY128 driver tries to pci_map_rom() and
read the graphics card ROM. Nothing will respond to accesses at the
0xc0000 region on sparc64.

The existence of a primary video ROM at 0xc0000 is quite platform
specific. If some non-x86 systems have this too, that's great.
However, assuming all systems do is not correct.
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