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SubjectRe: [REGRESSION] nfs client: Read-only file system (2.6.19-rc1,2)
J. Bruce Fields wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 07:44:17PM +0200, Jiri Slaby wrote:
>> Trond Myklebust wrote:
>>> I'll bet that you have always had a subdirectory of the exact same
>>> filesystem mounted somewhere else ro, right?
>> Yup, exactly: /usr -ro and /home -rw on the same (hda3) partition.
> Just out of curiosity--why are you doing that?

Not me :). I do not admin that machine.

> On the linux server, at least, that doesn't really prevent writing to
> /usr unless you've also turned on subtree checking. And subtree
> checking causes other problems.

-- Jiri Slaby
faculty of informatics, masaryk university, brno, cz
e-mail: jirislaby gmail com, gpg pubkey fingerprint:
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