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    SubjectRe: exclusive cpusets broken with cpu hotplug
    On Tue, Oct 17, 2006 at 07:25:48PM -0700, Siddha, Suresh B wrote:
    > When ever a cpu hotplug happens, current kernel calls build_sched_domains()
    > with cpu_online_map. That will destroy all the domain partitions(done by
    > partition_sched_domains()) setup so far by exclusive cpusets.
    > And its not just cpu hotplug, this happens even if someone changes multi core
    > sched power savings policy.
    > Anyone would like to fix it up? In the presence of cpusets, we basically
    > need to traverse all the exclusive sets and setup the sched domains
    > accordingly.
    > If no one does :( then I will do that when I get some time...


    I have a patch (though a very old one...) for handling hotplug and cpusets.
    However there were some ugly locking issues and nesting of locks that I
    ran into and I never got the time to sort them out. Also there didnt
    seem to be any users for it and so I had no motivation to further complicate
    the cpusets code/sched domains code. However I can dust up the patches if
    there is a need

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