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    SubjectRe: exclusive cpusets broken with cpu hotplug
    Paul Jackson wrote:
    > Robin wrote:
    >>Could this be as simple as a CPU_UP_PREPARE or CPU_DOWN_PREPARE
    >>removing all the cpu_exclusive cpusets and a CPU_UP_CANCELLED,
    >>CPU_DOWN_CANCELLED, CPU_ONLINE, CPU_DEAD going through and
    >>partitioning all the cpu_exclusive cpusets.
    > Perhaps.
    > The somewhat related problems, in my book, are:
    > 1) I don't know how to tell what sched domains/groups a system has, nor
    > how to tell my customers how to see what sched domains they have, and

    I don't know if you want customers do know what domains they have. I think
    you should avoid having explicit control over sched-domains in your cpusets
    completely, and just have the cpusets create partitioned domains whenever
    it can.

    > 2) I suspect that Mr. Cpusets doesn't understand sched domains and that
    > Mr. Sched Domain doesn't understand cpusets, and that we've ended
    > up with some inscrutable and likely unsuitable interactions between
    > the two as a result, which in particular don't result in cpusets
    > driving the sched domain configuration in the desired ways for some
    > of the less trivial configs.
    > Well ... at least the first suspcicion above is a near certainty ;).

    cpusets is the only thing that messes with sched-domains (excluding the
    isolcpus -- that seems to require a small change to partition_sched_domains,
    but forget that for now).

    And so you should know what partitioning to build at any point when asked.
    So we could have a call to cpusets at the end of arch_init_sched_domains,
    which asks for the domains to be partitioned, no?

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