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    SubjectRe: BUG: warning at kernel/softirq.c:141/local_bh_enable()
    John Philips a écrit :
    >> Hum, given your slow cpu, you might revert tx queue
    >> length to 2.4.XX level
    >> (100 instead of 1000)
    > I tried that, it didn't help any.
    >> Are you sure you cannot post here :
    >> tc -s -d qdisc show dev eth6
    > As I said, there are rules in place for every single
    > IP in a /22 subnet. It would be over 12000 lines. I
    > tried turning off the traffic shaping, it didn't help.
    >> You might want to make inet_peer_cache purge faster
    >> :
    >> echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/inet_peer_gc_mintime
    >> echo 2 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/inet_peer_gc_maxtime
    > I tried that as well, unfortunately it didn't help.

    This was just to reduce size of the table (and time of the lookups), not to
    solve the nic problem at all :)

    > It's worth noting that this behavior happens at
    > seemingly random times for random amounts of time. It
    > also causes the interface to auto-negotiate it's
    > settings again. During these periods, ping times to a
    > switch plugged directly into eth6 are 4000+ms. When I
    > statically set the interface to 100baseT/full duplex
    > with mii-tool, ping times to the switch immediately
    > return to normal. Unfortunately this fix only lasts a
    > few minutes, because the interface hangs up and
    > returns to auto-negotiation.
    > Also, I know this isn't a problem with my hardware
    > since it started happening immediately after I
    > upgraded the kernel from 2.4.25.

    Yes, I supposed that your hardware was running OK with previous kernels.

    Which NIC driver is handling eth6 ?

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