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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] [PCI] Check that MWI bit really did get set
Ar Sul, 2006-10-15 am 16:44 -0700, ysgrifennodd Andrew Morton:
> Let me restore the words from my earlier email which you removed so that
> you could say that:
> For you the driver author to make assumptions about what's happening
> inside pci_set_mwi() is a layering violation. Maybe the bridge got
> hot-unplugged. Maybe the attempt to set MWI caused some synchronous PCI
> error. For example, take a look at the various implementations of
> around the place - various of them can fail for various
> reasons.

Let me repeat what I said before. As a driver author I do not care. It
doesn't matter if it failed because it is not supported or because a
pink elephant went for a dance on the PCI bus.

> Now it could be that an appropriate solution is to make pci_set_mwi()
> return only 0 or 1, and to generate a warning from within pci_set_mwi()
> if some unexpected error happens. In which case it is legitimate for
> callers to not check for errors.

That would be my belief, and ditto for a lot of these other functions -
even the correctly __must_check ones like pci_set_master should do the
error reporting in the set_master() function etc not in every driver.
That gives us a single consistent printk and avoids missing them out or


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