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SubjectRe: bzip2 tarball 2.6.19-rc2 packaged wrong?
Shawn Starr schrieb:
> Linus, something in git broke the prepackaged tarball/bzip2 generation?
> $ tar -jxvf linux-2.6.19-rc2.tar.bz2
> linux-2.6.19-rc2.gitignore
> linux-2.6.19-rc2COPYING
> linux-2.6.19-rc2CREDITS
> linux-2.6.19-rc2Documentation/
> linux-2.6.19-rc2Documentation/00-INDEX
> linux-2.6.19-rc2Documentation/ABI/
> linux-2.6.19-rc2Documentation/ABI/README
> -rc1 was ok.

Perhaps tar generation has been switched to using git-archive instead of
git-tar-tree? There's an, admittedly, subtle difference in how the two
handle prefixes/basedirs. The following two commands do the same:

$ git-tar-tree rev basedir
$ git-archive --prefix=basedir/ rev

If you use --prefix and you want a base directory then you have to
provide your own slash (basedir = prefix + path_separator).

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