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    SubjectRE: Machine restart doesn't work - Intel 965G, 2.6.19-rc2
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    >[] On Behalf Of Ryan Richter
    >Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 2:26 PM
    >Subject: Machine restart doesn't work - Intel 965G, 2.6.19-rc2
    >I have a new system based on the Inter 965G chipset, and all
    >the kernels
    >I've used - 2.6.18, .19-rc1, and .19-rc2 - have failed to reset the
    >machine on a reboot. "Machine Restart" is printed, but it just hangs
    >there. SysRQ is non-functional at that point.

    The similar issue has been discussed in adjacent thread "Machine reboot". Is it Intel
    motherboard, or just carries Intel chipset ? Does building e1000 driver as a module and 'rmmod
    e1000' just before reboot help ?


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