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SubjectRe: OT: Other mailing lists?
On Wed, 11 Oct 2006 22:57:58 -0400
John Richard Moser <> wrote:

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> Anyone have any suggestions for good mailing list BESIDES the LKML to
> discuss OS design etc etc on? There's some things I'd like to get a
> better handle on like mm/ (design and potential improvements) or the
> age-old microkernel argument, context switching (apparently L4-Iguana
> has faster context switch code than Linux, and by that virtue overtakes
> the microkernel overhead and runs an adapted linux faster than the
> monolith; could that be fed back into the actual monolith?); but I don't
> particularly want to waste time on the list and incur Linus' wrath with
> certain topics ;)
> Finding stuff like this is hard; half the lists out there are either
> crapfloods or are pretty much inactive. The ones that are good are
> being used for useful work (for example...) and might not be so hot to
> spam with newbie questions. Any help is appreciated.
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There's really no such thing as a dumb question -- I dont see why you should stray away from this list. You're going to find the most intelligent people who know about the subject at hand on here anyway. I dont think you'll invoke Linus' wrath; instead you might get him to join in on your healthy conversation and he and others can enlighten us on why the design is what it is, and where we're headed. I don't forsee a few postings invoking discussion causing any issues or trouble on here. :)

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