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SubjectRe: _cpu_down deadlock [was Re: 2.6.19-rc1-mm1]
On Wednesday October 11, wrote:
> >
> > So A waits on B and C, C waits on B, B waits on A.
> > Deadlock.
> Except the entire operation is serialised by the the two top-level callers
> (cpu_up() and cpu_down()) taking mutex_lock(&cpu_add_remove_lock). Can
> lockdep be taught about that?

So you are saying that even though we have locking sequences
A -> B and B -> A,
that cannot - in this case - cause a deadlock as both sequences only
ever happen under a third exclusive lock C,
So when lockdep records a lock-dependency A -> B, it should also
record a list of locks that are *always* held when that dependency
Then, when it finds a new dependency and does loop detection, it
should exclude from the path any dependency which is always under a
lock that some other dependency in the path is always under.
Also, loop checking as to happen both when a new dependency is found,
and when a lock is removed from the set of locks that protect the

Recording stack traces might be interesting as you potentially need to
record a trace for ever minimal set of locks that the dependency is
created under.

So the ball is back in Ingo's court ?

Though it is odd that the warning doesn't trigger every time....

> > Who do we blame this on? Are you still the cpu-hot-plug guy Rusty?
> It's fun blaming Rusty for stuff, but he can dodge this one with
> more-than-usual ease, I'm afraid.

In that case, I was never dreaming of blaming him, only letting him
know that there is a lock-dep warning in code that he might be seen as
responsible for - just in case anyone does blame him.
Yes. That's what I was doing. Definitely.

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