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SubjectRe: 2.6.18 suspend regression on Intel Macs
On Tue, 2006-10-10 at 12:39 +0200, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> > Well, I'm not sure it qualifies as a regression, because AFAIK no
> > official kernels can s2ram/resume Intel Macs correctly out of the box.
> ...
> > There has already been some discussion about the SCI_EN ACPI control bit
> > not being set when the Mactel boxes come out of suspend to ram.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > The symptom is:
> > irq 9: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)
> > Disabling IRQ #9
> > when the system comes out of sleep, making ACPI non-functional.
> >
> > Two days after having released 2.6.17, Linus commited a fix for this
> > issue in his tree (commit 5603509137940f4cbc577281cee62110d4097b1b):
> If fix was in 2.6.18-gitX, yes, that probably counts as a regression

"fix" for some value of the word.
The problem is that this is very much against the spec, and also quite
likely breaks a bunch of machines...

If we do this we probably should at least key this of some DMI
identification for the mac mini..

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