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SubjectRe: Problems with 2.6.15-mm1 and mm2.
>> Below is cut & pasted, so not applyable, and maybe it shouldn't be 
>> applied. But ... it worked before whatever is in -mm ... so my personal
>> feeling is that if we don't have a fix for whatever is currently in -mm,
>> it should get dropped until we do ? Going backwards = bad.
>> Perhaps I'm in a time loop, and just confused. but I don't think so ?
> This isn't at all clear, sorry.
> Does the patch you sent fix things in 2.6.15-mm2? On NUMAQ and on x86_64?
> Does it fix a bug which was introduced in a patch which in in 2.6.15-mm2?
> If so, which one?

It fixes the symptom, yes. Greg complained it's papering over the
problem and not a real fix, which is fair enough, but ...

yes, it did seem to be a newly introduced problem in -mm1 or -mm2. To my
mind, if we don't have a proper fix, we ought to drop the patch that
caused the problem in the first place? Andy .. can you finger which
patch that was, I forget ...


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