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    SubjectRe: Inclusion of x86_64 memorize ioapic at bootup patch
    yhlu <> writes:

    > andi,
    > In LinuxBIOS, we don't set the MPS 0x467 and the AP still can be started by BSP.
    > are these really needed for x86_64?
    > Dprintk("Setting warm reset code and vector.\n");
    > CMOS_WRITE(0xa, 0xf);
    > local_flush_tlb();
    > Dprintk("1.\n");
    > *((volatile unsigned short *) phys_to_virt(0x469)) = start_rip >> 4;
    > Dprintk("2.\n");
    > *((volatile unsigned short *) phys_to_virt(0x467)) = start_rip & 0xf;
    > Dprintk("3.\n");
    > the STARTUP IPI should work well with MPS v1.4

    There are very large x86 machines that a reset is sent to the remote
    cpu and thus 0x40:0x67 and 0x40:0x67 becomes relevant.

    YH you didn't do something foolish and put a linuxbios table below
    0x500 did you?

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