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    SubjectRe: Inclusion of x86_64 memorize ioapic at bootup patch
    yhlu <> writes:

    > MPTABLE in LinuxBIOS is put from 0x20, if the system has too many cpu
    > and devices (slots) the mptable will get bigger than 0x464, so it
    > will use 0x40:67....

    Then you or someone moved it. The base in low memory was originally
    at 0x500, to avoid just these kinds of problems.

    > We need to put mptable to [0xf0000:0x100000] together with acpi
    > tables.

    Or move it up a few bytes.

    > and if it is bigger than 64k, then we have to put it on special
    > postion ...from 1K, and pass the posstion of mptable to the kernel via
    > command line.
    > I will update the code in LinuxBIOS.

    Thanks. It is always a good idea not to assign legacy regions of the
    address space new meanings.

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