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SubjectMoore's law (was Re: [patch 0/9] mutex subsystem, -V4)

> Another example: Ingo's VFS stresstest which is hitting i_sem hard: it only
> does ~8000 ops/sec on an 8-way, and it's an artificial microbenchmark which
> is _designed_ to hit that lock hard. So if/when i_sem is converted to a
> mutex, I figure that the benefits to ARM in that workload will be about a
> 0.01% performance increase. ie: about two hours' worth of Moore's law in a
> dopey microbenchmark.

:-) Expressing performance increases in Moore's hours seems like
neat trick. OTOH I do not think it is valid any more. Single-threaded
performance stopped increasing 2 years ago AFAICS. Plus people are
pushing Linux onto smaller machines, that were unavailable 2 years

Thanks, Sharp!
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