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SubjectRe: Liyitec PS/2 touch panel driver [PATCH]
>Shaun Jackman wrote:
>I've written an input driver for the Liyitec PS/2 touch panel. The
>patch follows. As this is my first input driver, I'd appreciate any
>Please cc me in your reply. Cheers,
>+static irqreturn_t liyitec_interrupt(struct serio *serio,
>+ unsigned char data, unsigned int flags, struct pt_regs *regs)
>+ struct liyitec *liyitec = serio_get_drvdata(serio);
>+ if (liyitec->count < 0) {
>+ if (data != LIYITEC_RET_ACK)
>+ printk(KERN_DEBUG "liyitec: expected ACK: 0x%02x\n", data);
>+ } else
>+ liyitec->data[liyitec->count] = data;
>+ liyitec->count++;
>+ if (liyitec->count == 1 && !(data & LIYITEC_SYNC)) {
>+ printk(KERN_DEBUG "liyitec: unsynchronized data: 0x%02x\n", data);
It would be great to use dev_*() rather than printks.
dev_dbg(&serio->dev, "unsynchronized data: 0x%02x\n", data);
for instance.

Jiri Slaby
~\-/~ ~\-/~
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