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SubjectRe: GPL V3 and Linux - Dead Copyright Holders

>>In short your interpretation of the past state of affairs would not
>>stand up to scrutiny.
>You can claim anything you like. I think you're wrong. But in the
>meantime, that doesn't matter. If it ever goes to court, you'll see what a
>real judge will claim.
>My bet is that my interpretation is the only sane one.
And how many times have you actually stood in front of a Judge over IP
and contract issues?
The language "GPLv2 or any later version" is what it is. You can change
it moving forward, but
you cannot undo the past. You put this language in there and IT WAS WHAT
TIME. Trying to alter that would most likely result in a finding you are
acting in bad faith.

Anyway, I am not religious on it, v2 or v3 I don't care, but I like v3
and I am moving my stuff to it. It's a
good idea.

Anyway, good luck figuring it out Linus. You should listen to Alan --
he's right and is trying to help you.


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