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    SubjectRe: Rebuilding Linux kernel
    [CC list mercilessly trimmed]

    On Monday 30 January 2006 09:03, Heerath bh wrote:
    > Hi!
    > I am Heerath BH,studying final year engineering in electronics and
    > communication. Now I am associated with the project. I am doing the
    > linux based project. Here i need your Help. I hope you wil do the
    > needful.
    > Basically I am trying to rebuild the kernel.I am trying to make two
    > types of kernel.I am using Redhat 2.4 version on intel x86 machine.
    > 1.Deployment level kernel
    > 2.development level kernel.
    > Deployment Level kernel:This kernel has to be a Very vanilla kernel. I
    > mean to say, it wil be having basic kernel services like:preemptive
    > kernel,memory
    > management,scheduling&synchronization,sysatem
    > timers,IPC,Interrupt handling,multitasking.
    > Here I am facing the problems. Please guide me in this section, if I
    > want to start from the begining to make the vanilla kernel how wil I
    > get started with that?
    > second kernel is pc development kernel,that is adding the config files
    > to the rebuilded core kernel.
    > I am trying to make core kernel size as 300kB by including services
    > which I have mentioned above.
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