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SubjectRe: [patch 3/9] mempool - Make mempools NUMA aware
> >>I still think some sort of reserve pool
> >>is necessary to give the networking stack a little breathing room when
> >>under both memory pressure and network load.
> >>
> >
> >"Lets throw some memory there and hope it does some good?" Eek? What
> >about auditing/fixing the networking stack, instead?
> >
> The other reason we need a separate critical pool is to satifsy critical
> GFP_KERNEL allocations
> when we are in emergency. These are made in the send side and we cannot
> block/sleep.

If sending routines can work with constant ammount of memory, why use
kmalloc at all? Anyway I thought we were talking receiving side
earlier in the thread.

Ouch and wait a moment. You claim that GFP_KERNEL allocations can't
block/sleep? Of course they can, that's why they are GFP_KERNEL and
Thanks, Sharp!
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