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SubjectRe: [BUG] debugfs: hard link count wrong
> > > Device: eh/14d  Inode: 15528       Links: 2
> > Links should be 3, I thought? For an empty directory it's 2 and as soon as
> > you create a new directory in there it should be increased by 1. Therefore
> > it should be 3. Or am I missing something?
> Yeah, I think you are correct. But I don't see where in the debugfs
> code I messed this up...
> In debugfs_mkdir() we increment the parent i_nlink properly if we create
> the new subdirectory, and based on other implementations like this
> (usbfs), that logic seems to be correct.
> Unless something is odd with creating a directory in the root of the fs.
> Does the subdirectory you have created have the proper number of links?

Yes, everything below the debug directory itself seems to be ok.

> > Btw.: my find version: "GNU find version 4.2.20".
> Hm, newer versions of find don't complain about this?

The latest version I could find at
is 4.2.27 which still complains. No, idea from where you got the 4.2.30 :)

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